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Published on April 16, 2013

Just a few of the great moments.

Some of the best hits, spins, throws and sparks of BattleBots featuring bots with: a 3,000 RPM weapon, 1/4 inch titanium armor, an 80 pound weapon, a 4 foot blade, 12,000 pounds of lifting force and more.

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  1. dango713x

    Robot combat league. It’s not quite the same, but it’s got a similar feel. It’s more like real steel, if you’ve seen that.

  2. Zentro705

    We all do… It’s just too expensive to compete in.

  3. drummerdude8790

    I can’t help but think of Requiem for a Dream when I hear this song. SO depressing…

  4. ArtisticsUnknown

    greatest show ever

  5. owain2222

    this show was robot wars + brutalness + celebrity deathmatch

  6. owain2222

    and did you do something with robotics?

  7. Tyler Barbour

    i remember watching this when i was 9 it made me want to do something with robotics when i got older

  8. TheShadowSkull1

    @thn10606 neither could I

  9. nick howard

    i think its back

  10. 2000joegamer

    Razer could mamby take them all on one at a time

  11. XMetalMatter

    Thn, I think its AfterThought.

  12. thn10606

    Can someone tell me what that broken robot at 1:37 is please?

  13. thn10606

    It’s terrible. Couldn’t even make it through the first ep.

  14. BlueRaizen

    Robot Combat League is on syfy now

  15. Laserman595

    Its a failure on our part as a society to not have an underground robot fighting league.

  16. Tom Tompson

    i miss this wonderful times when they fight……
    ive got also one ….called SCARECROW.. but there arent any events:(
    hands up !!!! is anywhere a event , please write back!!!!! 😀

  17. Vitti hallington

    thanks for that reminds me of the good ol days. that crap on SYFY right now is horrendous.

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