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Published on February 16, 2013

I’m so excited to watch this new robot competition on Syfy. It’s been awhile since there has been a good robot battle show on TV… not since Battlebots went off the air years ago.

Tune in Tuesday February 26th at 10/9c on Syfy to watch Robot Combat League premier.

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  1. Wolfen443

    Listen up, if they got to be boxers with no weapons why some of the robots got them?. They should change the name of the show or change the design of the robots to either one of them.

  2. Abraxisvirus

    see y didnt any1 think of this get real steel in real life then i might watch boxing when the bots are in therehell i might just buy a bot and do underworld 4 cash

  3. Abraxisvirus

    its not scripted just the sparks are fake to show the judges critical hits

  4. Paleozoology

    I don’t like the sparks or the leaks, when the punches barely touched. I think I wouldn’t mind this show if they were purposely trying to be fake–like in Operation Repo or those redneck “reality” shows. Hell, make it like a television drama-action series with actors and such, like that cheesy WMAC Masters (remember that show).

    Anyways, Syfy must think we’re dumb, if we’re going to believe this crap.

  5. mynameistaken07

    Love the concept, but that’s all. It looks too staged and all acted out, also the sparks are way too fake. Surely with sparks flying and hydraulic fluid all over something would happen. American shows are way too fake nowadays, so they copy ideas from other shows instead.

  6. Wondermouth1

    This isn’t like the movie “Reel Steel”. But it is as close to it as we have. I like it! I think it’s pretty fun! (and yes, I know the sparks & shit are for effect.)

  7. bboyraprock1

    They Should Of Got Hugh Jackman as the host because of reel steel

  8. aborigene7

    It’s to help the judges know when a hit was critical

  9. Tj Lindsey

    They need to just bring back battlebots!

  10. Johnny Thrust

    You may be right, but in my opinion I highly doubt it. I do like the show, the robots are actually creating carnage, but what I belive to be a little extra staged drama, and the fact that they heavily edit it just disapointed me a little and makes doubt the possibility of an uncoerced outcome, because 90% of what they call reality tv is all bullshit, I was hoping this show would try to stay away from the style it is.

  11. BobbyRossRacing93

    Better Idea, bring back Robot Wars.

  12. BobbyRossRacing93

    Bring back Robot Wars and BattleBots >:(

  13. Mackenzie Goodnough

    well obviously not, but thats why i said that there are SOME machines that can still function even while sparking. But even if it is fake, the sparks only went off during vital hits that each robot made, thus, the sparks are a sign of a critical strike, thats my theory

  14. Johnny Thrust

    Well if your computer shoots sparks at you and gives off a huge plume of smoke, are you going to sit there and expect it to be fully functional? You know what, you like the show and thats cool. I actually like the show too, but when I see overdramatized effects, the shows loses alot of integrity, and I can’t enjoy it as much wondering what is real or staged/scripted.

  15. Peter Panter

    they should have brought in an actual boxer to … you know, box.

  16. Mackenzie Goodnough

    It is possible for machinery to give off sparks and still function just fine at the same time ya know..

  17. Johnny Thrust

    Are you serious? those things were sparking like mofo’s, when shit sparks for real, that usually means that shit is frying out, yet the robots still had all their functionality. c’mon now use your noodle.

  18. Frazoor117

    It needs Craig Charles doing the announcing. ACTIVATE!

  19. brokengavel91

    this looks like it would be a great idea. wait another 10 years, and if this shit is still around, we might actually see something worth watching. theres a reason these 30 second clips only show quick flashes of the “action”. they didnt want people to be turned off by the idea before they started airing episodes. if you didnt catch the 1st ep. dont worry, you didnt miss anything. it was pretty lame.

  20. Mackenzie Goodnough

    Really? thats what bothers you? Talk about nit picking. This show is awesome, who gives a damn if they put in “fake” sparks in or not.

  21. Johnny Thrust

    I would be much more pleased with this show if they did away with the sensationalized fake ass sparks

  22. DanTheWolfman1

    I basically was the Robot “Metro” in Real Steel, doing all the robot fighting/mocap…How do I get on this show or fight giant robots? TheCombatSystem to see my stuff

  23. Monica Ervin

    first came battlebots, now this…real steel is slowly becoming a reality you guys 😀

  24. Redskin1040

    Damn it! I was just watching the show. You spoiled the ending for me 😛

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