Tazbot vs Silverback – A Great Battle on Battlebots

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Published on April 17, 2013

Battlebots season 4 Heavyweight match.

It’s Robot Fighting Time from season 4 of Battlebots!

Two great bots take to the ring to fight to the end. Both of these bots can flip themselves over if they get overturned, preventing what often ends many battles early.

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  1. Muhammad Imran

    i thing tazbot looks like a spider with a mosquito head on top

  2. Jwags Wagner

    Cool I didn’t know that he was on this show

  3. TalbotAlligator

    actually Razer did take part in 2 Battlebots tournaments.
    it didn’t do that well.
    in fact, it got KO-ed by none other than Tazbot in one tournament.

  4. Jwags Wagner

    Imagine razer from robot wars on this show :)

  5. BellyLover06

    Sure are, at least with Battlebots but it’s not the only illegal weapons for that show.

  6. EvilCleric

    Designs like Taz-bot are what I like to see. Creative designs that work. The wedges and the spinners are very legit designs, but are fucking boring. It’s not really interesting to me if the two opponents are effectively small boxes whose sole attack is to get up under the enemy bot

  7. DeadRats4U

    Both of their weapons were pretty lame

  8. david24745

    its quite pathetic as a weapon

  9. noobyboymax

    Can you see Silverback’s arm at the front? He hopes to get that under his opponent so he can lift them up and put them in arena hazards such as the Pulverizer or the Razors.

  10. GurahkWeavile

    I miss this show.

  11. pizzaguy24

    Tazbot could’ve won a Giant Nut or 2 if not for Biohazard and Vlad the Impaler.

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