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Design Innovations

Tri-Layered Armor

Designed to be strong, light weight, impact absorbing, and to jam saw blades.
Flexible bumpers add to the impact absorbing capacity.
Flippable Design

Symmetrical structure allows Logan to function normally, even after being flipped.
Even the ramp is reversible.
High Horsepower 4 Wheel Drive

Drive chains often fail during intense battles. This weak link has been removed.
High Capacity, 36 or 48 Volt System

Higher voltage increases the efficiency and horsepower of the motors.
Foam Filled Tires

Because our tires don't contain air, they will not deflate, even if punctured.
Reliable Spinning Disk Weapon

The ultra-high rpm spinning disk with two ripping teeth will strike with great force.
Solid steel disk 9 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick directly welded to a 1 inch
thick steel shaft will offer high endurance.
Mounting weapon in center of ramp offers side impact protection and increased
probability of flipping the opponent on contact.
Backup Weapons

Hoping to be over-prepared, Logan is equipped with a fixed rear spike with
interchangable tips and a mechanized ramp.

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